Who we are

More than a century, the products we design have been constrained by the capabilities of processing. Additive manufacturing fundamentals changes that. Here 3D Vizions consider Additive manufacturing being a corner stone for the next industrial revolution.

3D Vizions being in focused in the field of additive manufacturing leading the Industries, architectures & educational projects conveying a clear view for the end products by prototypes & reducing the test production cost, steps & material waste.

Our Services

Architectural Prototypes

3D printing these days, helping Architectures to get a tangible design prototype which directs them to get an easy way to there detailed scaled model of the final products. Being more flexible with these models and reprint as many you want, 3D printing saves Architecture’s time and proportionally saves there expenses.

Mechanical Prototypes

With 3D Vizions, Come, Discover & watch your mechanical prototypes coming into reality. With Mechanical prototypes it makes engineers easy to get focused on the design variables in there research and finally making a green flag for production. With 3d printing technologies we help industries carrying with mechanical projects to resolve problems and issues by these prototypes.

Educational Prototypes